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Sedore Stoves Featured in Turtle Island News

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On August 31, 2016, the Turtle Island News (North America’s #1 weekly newspaper for native peoples) ran the following article about Sedore Stoves beside our Sedore advertisement.  We really appreciate the national coverage and I thought our website visitors might enjoy reading it too.

Get “Off the Grid” with Sedore Multi-Fuel Biomass Stoves

Do you have access to cheap biomass fuels?  Do you have excessive heating costs?  Does your current woodstove not produce enough heat? Do you frequently have power outages?  Do you live “off-the-grid”, or want to?  Do you want to BBQ indoors?  Do you want to heat water with your woodstove?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, check out the Sedore Stove.

Invented by Canadian Ernest Sedore, the Sedore Stove was designed to burn any biomass fuel, produce tremendous amounts of heat, burn very cleanly, be easy to operate, and burn for 8-12 hours between reloads.

The unique, patented design uses corrugated interior walls instead of fire-brick so that the combustion and air circulation continue with any size and type of fuel while maximizing the heat transfer to the room.  Rated by UL to produce up to 150,000 BTU’s convectively, and 75,000 BTU’s of water heating capability at 88% efficiency, no other woodstove comes close.

Burn any renewable biomass fuel including wood, wood by-products, corn husks and stalks, rice hulls, peanut shells, grass clippings, leaves, woodchips, wood scraps, sawdust, hay, grasses, and animal waste.  All fuels can be mixed, or burned alone, making the Sedore unique.

Easy to use with a single adjustable control, the top-loading design provides convenient fuel loading without stooping or bending.  Hot embers cannot fall out of the firebox.  And the long-life, high grade and stainless steel construction provides many lifetimes of use.

For more information, check out TransNorth’s selection of Sedore Multi-Fuel Biomass Stoves & Accessories, and if you have any other questions, please contact us.