BIG MIKE Wet-Dry Leapfrog Industrial Vacuum


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BIG MIKE Wet-Dry 240V Leapfrog Industrial Vacuum

The BIG MIKE Wet-Dry Leapfrog Industrial Vacuum offers all the power and filtration of the BIG MIKE Wet-Dry model with the added advantage of being able to fill your own drums. This is ideal for applications involving the collection of materials that cannot be mixed with one another or for the storage and reintroduction of a commodity back into a process.  The BIG MIKE Wet-Dry Leapfrog comes in two parts:  the power unit/lid and the filtration section.  Because the filters are deployed within the Leapfrog itself, the drum can be filled almost to the top.

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  • Three 1.2kW bypass motors deliver 1 gallon/second H2O suction rate, 2450mm H2O vacuum (max) with 130 litres/sec air flow (max)
  • Wet filter and Dual-filter Dry system captures virtually all particulates entering the unit
  • 3 metre 63mm diameter two-ply polyurethane hose and 10 metre power cord for 13 metre total reach
  • 1 metre aluminum scraper tool
  • drum not included
  • 82dB noise rating at one metre
  • Requires a 240Volt/15Amp electrical service (NEMA 6-15)
  • UL certified
  • Made in the UK