CONCEPT PLUS Chemical Metering Pump – 9.0 L/HR 44 PSI



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CONCEPT PLUS Chemical Metering Pump – 9.0 L/HR 44 PSI

The CONCEPT PLUS chemical metering pump’s compact construction and features make it ideal for use in flow proportional or on – off control applications. The pump can be easily mounted onto a tank or wall and is perfect for any application requiring a precise dosing of a chemical such as water or wastewater treatment, metal washing and finishing, car wash soap dispensing, pool chlorination, etc.

Adjustment of the pump capacity is possible via stroke volume in the range of 10-100% and can be set at 1 of the 4 stroke frequency settings. This gives an adjustment ratio of 1:40. In addition to manually setting the stroke frequency, the pump can also be set up for external control for use with contact water meters for flow proportional chemical addition or accept a signal from any control system which can provide a voltage free pacing signal.

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  • The CONCEPT PLUS Chemical Metering Pump is a solenoid-driven, diaphragm pump perfect for slowly adding chemicals to pools, boilers, cooling towers, etc.
  • For precise dosing, the adjustable flow rate ranges from zero to a maximum of 9.0 litres/hr in 40 possible increments.
  • This pump will handle off-gassing chemicals such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide
  • You can use either the manual control or the external feed (included) for pulse control
  • The pump comes with a 5′ suction tube with foot valve and a 10′ discharge tube with injection valve
  • The pump uses a standard electric outlet and comes with a 6′ power cord
  • This model is NOT designed for use with slow-moving liquids (like oils, etc) having a viscosity more than 50 centipoise
  • Two year warranty on the dry end (ie. mechanical and electrical) and one year warranty on the liquid end (ie. seals and valves)