BIG MIKE High-Rider Front-Mounted Floor Brush



BIG MIKE “High-Rider Front-Mounted Floor Brush”

The BIG MIKE High-Rider Front-Mounted Floor Brush accessory will transform your BIG MIKE Industrial Vacuum into a warehouse floor cleaner.  Quickly clean large floor areas without releasing dust into the air.  After bolting the front-mounted floor brush onto the vacuum trolley, simply lower the brush to the floor, switch the unit on and proceed at walking speed pushing the machine along easily on its four wheel trolley by means of the “easy push no strain” handles.

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Clean wet and dry waste from warehouse floors with the Big Brute Floor Brush and Floor Squeegee


  • 28″ wide
  • For use on BIG MIKE “Suck-Dump” industrial vacuums
  • Made in the UK