BIG MIKE Dry-Only Suck-Blow Industrial Vacuum


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BIG MIKE Dry-Only 240V Suck-Blow Industrial Vacuum

The BIG MIKE Dry-Only Suck-Blow Industrial Vacuum gives you a powerful air blasting tool in addition to all the capabilities of the BIG MIKE Popular model.  The power unit discharges spent air through a 63mm diameter outlet port enabling the suction pipe and tools to be used to direct a very powerful air blast to dislodge inaccessible dust and debris which no amount of suction could shift.  Extremely useful for cleaning grain-handling machinery and equipment, the BIG MIKE Suck-Blow model blasts dirt and debris out of machinery and off of buildings.  Then you simply move your suction pipe and tools to the inlet port and use the same machine for cleaning up.

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  • Three 1.2kW motors deliver 2450mm H20 vacuum (max) with 130 litres/sec air flow (max)
  • Huge capacity 205 litre (45 gallon) steel drum
  • Dual-filter system captures virtually all particulates entering the unit
  • 5 metre 63mm diameter two-ply PVC hose and 10 metre power cord for 15 metre total reach
  • 1 metre aluminum scraper tool
  • Heavy-duty steel “dump” trolley for easy maneuverability and emptying
  • Floor/wall/ceiling accessory kit for floor deep-cleaning and extended reach on walls and ceilings
  • 77dB noise rating at one metre
  • Requires a 240Volt/15Amp electrical service (NEMA 6-15)
  • 40 heavy-duty disposable bags included
  • UL certified
  • Made in the UK


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BIG MIKE Dry-Only Suck-Blow Owner’s Manual