Sedore Classic Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove
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Sedore Classic 3000 High Efficiency Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove


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Sedore Classic 3000 High Efficiency Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove with Tuxedo Black Finish & Stainless Steel Cook Top

Invented by Canadian Ernest Sedore in 1978, the Sedore “Classic 3000 High Efficiency” Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove delivers incredible heat from any combination of biomass fuels.  This model is designed to heat a 3000 sqft space.  Patented clean burning technology delivers a maximum output of 150,000 BTU’s convectively and 75,000 BTU’s of water heating capability at an incredible 88% efficiency!  Oversize top-loading hopper allows for extended 8-12 hour burn times.  Constructed meticulously with high grade and stainless steel, the stove is easy to use with only the air intake adjustment to control the burn rate.

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Product Description

  • Features a “Classic” tuxedo black finish with stainless steel cook top for a premium traditional appearance
  • Designed to heat a 3000 sqft space, this model’s rated heat output is up to 150,000 BTU’s convectively and 75,000 BTU’s of water heating capability
  • Additional baffling cycles the smoke in the gas chamber boosting this model’s efficiency to an industry-leading 88%
  • Burns any combination of biomass fuels including wood, wood by-products, corn husks and stalks, rice hulls, peanut shells, grass clippings, leaves, woodchips, sawdust, hay, grasses and animal waste.
  • Patented clean burning technology does not use any electrical components or fans.  Radiant heat output to the room is maximized because no insulative firebrick is used.
  • Can burn substandard biomass fuels (ie. wet, green, and low heat content fuels) and tolerates less than adequate chimneys.
  • Top loading hopper provides easy fuel loading. No stooping or bending, and no hot embers falling out of the firebox.
  • Huge four cuft fuel hopper (20″ x 13″ x 28″) delivers 8-10 hour burn times between reloads because the hopper can be filled completely.  The hopper accepts up to 24″ logs 12″ in diameter meaning significantly less cutting and splitting firewood.
  • Simple to use because the air intake is the only adjustable control.  Simply adjust it for the desired amount of heat from the fuel being used.
  • Assembled dimensions are L:30″ x W:26″ x H:38″.  Note: the dimensions do not include the handles.
  • Includes Tool Kit, Touch-up Paint, Chimney Probe Thermometer and Magnetic Stovetop Thermometer
  • Curb-side delivery  is included in the price
  • UL Approved
  • Optional accessories including radiant water coil and granular fuel hopper are sold separately
  • Stove pipe not included

Additional Information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 36 x 42 in


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