Industrial Vacuums

TransNorth is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for BIG MIKE and McCoy industrial vacuums.

Unbelievably powerful, the BIG MIKE and McCoy lines of industrial vacuums are designed to address the full range of cleanup jobs in both factory and farm environments.

BIG MIKE:  Fine dusts, granules, gravel, big lumps, water, oils, sludge, swarf and general factory waste are all devoured enthusiastically by BIG MIKE. Even after the most serious abuse, the BIG MIKE will continue to perform where others would have given up.  Invented by Michael Williams in the UK over 30 years ago to clean grain storage facilities and agricultural equipment, BIG MIKE (in North America) and BIG BRUTE (everywhere else) industrial vacuums are now sold all over the world and have been tested in virtually every factory and farm environment.

McCoy:  Extreme power in compact, multi-purpose professional wet/dry vacuum cleaners.  Powerful enough for heavy-duty applications yet compact to use even in smaller work areas.

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Showing 1–16 of 21 results